Sunday, May 18, 2008

Linville Falls

Saturday we took our little family for another outting! This time we headed north towards the Blue Ridge Parkway and ended at Linville Falls. For those of you who are Criminal Minds fans, the Falls were featured on this week's episode...except it wasn't really Linville Falls they were showing on TV while they were mentioning the Parkway. Funny how that happens.

Anyway....we took Lile for her first BIG adventure and she was wonderful! She walked so good on her leash and stayed right with us. She was sooo tired by the time we headed home! Poor little puppy had never walked that far in her whole little life! We just love that little thing!

We kinda thought it was funny that we went to school in Boone, and live only about an hour away from Linville and neither one of us has ever visited there. You can hike, camp and take beautiful photos. You can hike up to the top of the falls..or follow a trail to the basin of the falls. We opted to take the top of the falls trail this time.

We'll probably hit the basin next time.

This is a picture of the upper falls...they're pretty small.

This is a picture of the lower "big" falls...we were WAY up above this! But thanks to my SUPER new camera...I got the close up pic, too!

For you, Ren....I got a Canon's awesome! Maybe you guys can come visit and we'll show you all this cool stuff in person!
Look what my new camera can do!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday fun!

Today we decided to throw our kayaks into the car and paddle around the lake! It was a gorgeous day and we had tons of fun! It was Lile's first experience with a large body of water... other than the bathtub...and she had NEVER been in a boat before, much less a kayak! She did pretty good...she only tried to jump out of the boat twice...she was riding with Anthony and wanted to ride with me. He has more experience and we thought it would be easier for her to ride with him. Anyway...she almost jumped out and then when her feet hit the water she was scared, like she didn't realize there wasn't land there!

Here are a few pics of our family outing!!

These turtles were sunning on the trees...they just sat patiently while we paddled by. Until Lile started barking and scared them!! She wasn't sure what to think of them!

How cute are we?!?!

This is Lile having one of her "mommy moments." She almost fell in the water trying to get into my boat...