Wednesday, July 17, 2013

4th of July

We celebrated the 4th of July in ALL American style! We went to Sonic for a bacon cheddar pretzel dog....and might I say it was incredibly yummy!! 

Look at our family picture! Aren't we so patriotic?! I LOVE this picture!

After our pretzel dogs we went up to the "Pupcake place" in Morganton. Lincoln LOVES it up there! It's actually called My Local Bakery and the pupcakes are to die for! Lincoln had a strawberry cream cheese cupcake, Anthony had a double vanilla cupcake, and mine was peach mango. Yummy. Sad I didn't take some pictures of our goodness!

Aren't they beautiful?! *Sigh*

To top off our All American day we bought some of our own fireworks. With the HUGE amounts of rain we've had there wasn't really a great option for fireworks. So we bought our own! Of course in North Carolina there are SOOO many restrictions on fireworks and it leaves very little in the way of choice. But there were some super fun fountains that Lincoln really liked. Aspen, not so much!
 He loved his sparklers!

Sissy wasn't so sure about this stuff. She managed with the sparkler, but really didn't like the firework fountains at all! We timed this just perfectly too...immediately after we were finished there came a HUGE rain storm! But, that's the norm around here these days!