Thursday, January 15, 2015

Today's fun

So far today we've had some pretty interesting experiences. We decided to go on a time share tour to get cheaper Disney tickets. We will never never never do that again!!! It wasn't what they told us on the phone. it was supposed to last much longer than they said, and Anthony had to raise a fuss to get us out of there. The manager they assigned to us for the tour told us that most of the people who came to view their property today would be there for about five hours and five different people were supposed to talk to them to try to get them to purchase.
Because Anthony told him pretty much upfront that we were not going to buy we were just there for the tickets we were assigned a manager instead of a sales person and he walked us through the typical spiel. And then he let us leave because we needed to pick up Anthony's parents from the airport. We did tour one of the rooms and it was super nice but if you pay $300 every month for 10 years you end up paying $30,000 for a one week stay in Orlando every year. And we saw people signing papers right and left. People are crazy.

The children are finally taking a nap and Anthony is on his way to the airport to pick up the grandparents. Then we're headed to downtown Disney for some shopping and some fun tonight.

We made it!

We literally stopped 9 times. 
The kids watched maybe 3-4 movies. 
They colored and used all the fun new stuff in their bags.
Aspen made it to the bathroom and didn't have any accidents all day!
We snacked, we ate, we watched movies.

We made it to our super nice condo around 6 o'clock. It has four bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths so everyone has their own space and even Grammy and Dadaw can be downstairs in their own bedroom.
The kids loved it as soon as we walked in. And they've already asked if there are pools. And Lincoln says he doesn't care how cold it is he wants to be cold in the water.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Boo traffic

Orlando traffic at 5pm is no joke. 
GPS says were only 12 miles from the house but who know how long it will take!!

Welcome to Florida!

We just crossed into Florida! 2:10 pm

Not bad for having stopped at least 8 times so far!!
Aspen had two false alarms early this morning but she's been excellent ever since!
They have watched nearly two movies and one short video. Thankfully we've got awesome friends and family who helped supply the kids with tons of activities for the van. Dry erase markers, coloring books, new toys, books, and babies. 
We've stopped for breakfast and lunch and now they are both blissfully asleep!! Say a prayer they rest for a while. 

We told them where we were going after eating breakfast. Their reactions were not at all what I anticipated. They were much less excited than I thought they would be. 
I'll try to post the video tonight. 

So far so good. 

And we're off!

Pulled the babies out of the bed and hit the road for Disney around 5:45 am!! We put Lincoln in the car and the first thing he saw was the GPS. "Are we going to a hotel?!" 
We made it as far as the fire department before Aspen said she needed to pee. Oooooooh the joys of potty training. 
Wish us luck!

Oh. And just like I predicted, neither child is interested in going back to sleep. Sigh

Friday, January 9, 2015

Oh Glorious Day!!

Do you know why I'm smiling!!???

That's right!!! The day has FINALLY come and I'm returning our LAST pack of diapers!!! Aspen is in big girl panties all day long! 
She's still in pulls ups at nap and night time, but I have a feeling nap will be totally fine soon. She wakes up dry most days. 
Way to go Sissy Bear!! It's taken nearly 2 weeks but it's gone really well. 
Now, if she would only poop in the potty!!