Tuesday, February 19, 2013


My little buggers on Valentine's Day!! There is just NO way to get a picture of them both together. Now that Aspen is on the move she refuses to stand still for a picture!! This is the best I could do. We were supposed to go to the Library with Jenn and Carter but Lincoln woke up with a fever and a cough so we decided not to share his germs. Sad. We HAD to get out of the house, so we took lunch to Daddy. 

My sweet, sweet Aspen is 10 months old. In fact, now she's 10 1/2 months old!! Again with the ridiculous job of snapping pictures of a mobile 10 month old! I did manage to get this one fabulous shot!

This is what I saw most often!! She was just trying to get away from the camera! She won't stand still!

I got this one good one of her on the move, to show that she was walking like a pro at 10 months. 

Squeaky clean!! :)

Nana has baby goats!! Lincoln had to hold ALL of them! Then when he was finished he just dropped them! Poor kids!

As we're on the eve (so to speak) of lots of birthdays coming up there's lots of stuff going on in my head. We're still trying to be well. Last week/weekend is the first week and weekend that we were all home together and healthy and happy. We spent most of the day Saturday at Discover Kids in Huntersville. It was FABULOUS!! In fact, it was so fabulous we could only stay for about 2 hours before we needed to go home. We were pooped! It was awesome and Lincoln just wandered around at the beginning because he didn't know where to start!

There was a water table...of course that was their favorite!

Notice it's not just a water table...it's a water mecca!! Aspen could've just splashed and splashed. Lincoln loved it too, but somehow I didn't get a picture of him.

 He got to drive a race car!

And there was a car that needed to be fixed with Daddy!
You could check the oil, change the air filter, take the tires on and off, roll under to replace a muffler. So much fun!

And a kid sized grocery store for Lincoln to shop to his heart's content. There was so much more...but I didn't get pictures of it all. I think Aspen's favorite was the water table, and Lincoln's favorite may have been the really cool cafe. There was a cash register, pizza oven, kitchen everything, tables, bar stools, you name it and it was there. So much fun.

Currently Lincoln has strep. Yuck! He's has a raging fever for 2 days now, almost 3. Anthony's parents were keeping him for me yesterday while Aspen and I went to Charlotte for her LAST appointment for her helmet! I checked in at 12:30 and his temp was 101.5. By 1:00 they were calling me back telling me it jumped to 103.5, even after giving him Advil. YIKES! So we rushed him to the doctor's office and swabbed him. She said he's also got some fluid on his lungs, but there's nothing we can do about it evidently. I suppose if it gets worse I'd know? This has been accompanied by his ever-present cough. Aspen doesn't have a fever, but does have a cough and tons and tons of snot. Man, if snot were gold we'd be rich! So needless to say they're both under the weather and very sensitive. Lincoln can't hold himself together. Everything makes him mad, he gets upset very easily, he's mean to Aspen. And Aspen can't play alone, needs to be held, and didn't nap well. It was a LONG, hard day. 

But tomorrow's coming. And we're together. That's all that really matters.