Thursday, April 30, 2009

At a loss...

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I tell you this...
My dear, dear lifelong friend, Jessica Wentz, lost her battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma today. She has been fighting this for 2 years and it's been a good fight. I love her like a sister and I'm not sure what I'll do without her. She was a truly remarkable person who lived her life to the fullest, loved with all of her heart, and would do anything for anyone.
She loved Tommy, Macy, and Thomas..and the rest of her family...with all of her heart. She will truly be missed...for she was adored.
She has touched so many people for Jesus through this terrible disease. I know that's part of His plan and I am thankful for that.
This has been terrible news and especially hard for me today. I am in Morehead City, NC with my 4th graders on a field trip and will not return home until Friday evening, late. It's a terrible feeling to be this far away from my friends and family at a time like this. My mom called me today with the news, and I know it broke her heart as much as it did mine. Jessica was like a sister to me....we've been friends since we were in middle school together, about 12 years old. We went to middle and high school together as inseprable best friends, and then continued on to college together at ASU. She wanted me to be a better person...she always saw the best in everyone. What an angel she is.
All day I've been thinking of that Mercy Me song...I Can Only Imagine...
Jessica saw Jesus today.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


My last grad school class is going on as I type!!!! Well I say it's going on, but not much is happening, ha! I can't wait to be finished with this! It's a shame I'm not finished with my work, yet....
Can we all say hello to a 10% raise?!?! Hooray!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Our Bahamian vacation was wonderful!!! We spent Sunday driving to Florida and then Monday morning laying around a wonderful pool at our hotel. We got on the Monarch of the Seas around lunchtime so we could enjoy our first yummy buffet. We set sail on Monday around 6 pm. We were supposed to visit Coco Cay, Bahamas on Tuesday, Royal Caribbean's private island. But the winds were too high to tender in safely so we spent the day at sea....crusing in beautiful blue-green waters. Wednesday we were in Nassau..lots of fun stuff there, like forts, snorkeling, a pirate's museum and so much more. I'll write more later....
Thursday we made it into Coco Cay and spent a BEAUTIFUL day on the beach and snorkeling for hours! Pictures to come.
We had to get up early on Friday and off the boat...sad...but then spent the day at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. The Hulk is a great roller coaster!
Saturday we spent the morning at Downtown Disney, just hanging out and enjoying the sights and stores.
We got home Sunday morning around 1:30 am. What a not fun ride. 
Anyway...we had a great time and we all have beautiful brown skin...except for Anna! Our poor fair skinned friend!

Monday, April 6, 2009

T-Minus 7 days

It's official! This time next week I will be on a big beautiful boat headed to Nassau, Bahamas! Anthony and I are going with Jeromy & Anna, and Erin, and Gary....what fun will be had! This will be my 4th cruse, but my first on Royal Caribbean. Ant's been on 3 after this. We're seasoned cruisers you could say. We don't really plan our vacations around's just kinda worked out that way lately.
We decided we wanted to do this at Christmas...that all of us wanted to go. I can't wait! We've not even been on vacation together since we went to Disney back in college. That was tons of fun! Now we all have real jobs ..instead of being poor college kids!
We've only got 3 more days of work this week...then packing all the fun stuff! I still need to pick up a few things. I'll miss my baby Lile....but she'll enjoy spending the week with Nana and Kaycee!
Pep Talk this week: Only 3 more days!