Monday, February 16, 2009

So so busy!

Holy goodness I need one less thing to do! I've been so crazy busy for the last month that I can't even remember when we watched something on TV at the normal time and not on DVR. (The DVR is the greatest thing EVER!!) 
So I've got work, grad school, Thirty-One parties and office stuff, and most recently Anthony and I are helping with a youth race in Valdese. It's all been a little overwhelming...I can't remember when we spent an evening at home with nothing to do! 
Not sure what I could take away...I graduate in May so that's one thing, but I've gotta hold on until then. Thirty-One is tons of fun and making a little bit of extra money is always a plus. And well..I have to go to work. 
The race is a Splash 'n Dash for ages 5-12. One of Anthony's riding buddies is in charge and he's asked us to help out. So I'm in charge of the flyers and brochures and advertising posters and such. When you have computer skills that's what you get asked to do. I feel rushed because it has to be done NOW so we can advertise the race. NO pressure though.
Just letting loose tonight, I guess...If you got this far, thanks for reading!