Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter & Things

Some of our Easter pictures.. Leslie had to take them for us because my camera was shipped to Canon for repair. The shutter relay was broken and needed to be replaced. I just got it back and it's in perfect working order...hooray!!! I felt like I had lost an arm without it!

Yes...that's a REAL bunny!


We got Lincoln a Pillow Pet for Easter. He loved it!! He carried it around and wollered all over it. He needed a pillow and we thought this was a much more attractive option. 

We spent Easter Sunday at my grandmother's house in Canton and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! It was about 85 degrees and perfectly sunny. We sat by the creak and played and played!

Lincoln and Great Uncle Rick really hit it off! They had such a good time together! He was the first one to put Lincoln's feet in the was all over after that! We couldn't keep him out of it!

Dad and Kaleb were twins!! :)

Kaleb and the boys....Zane was determined to get in, too! His bottom was mud-covered and WET!

This is not a picture of Lincoln fussing because he wants to get's a picture of him fussing because he DOESN'T want to get out! And the water was so cold his toes were like popsicles! He loved every  minute of it and we had to keep him from crawling down the hill to get in by himself. So sweet!

Lincoln and Ma-maw! She always takes such a GREAT picture. I love taking these...I have one of the two of them from every time they've been together. What a treasure. 

Lincoln is walking everywhere! About 2 weeks after his birthday he decided he was done with crawling and began walking all over the place. Now, about 2 weeks after that he's practically running around the house! Anthony spent the WHOLE day Saturday staining the deck and it looks wonderful. Lincoln has really, really enjoyed it! He'd rather be outside than anywhere else. He is also eating table food, almost exclusively. For breakfast he still gets baby food fruit to mix with his cereal but otherwise he's eating chicken nuggets, spaghetti-o's, mac & cheese, beans and rice, french fries, pancakes, eggs, and almost everything else we eat! He is working on his vocabulary, you can tell! He can say Mama and Daddy, of course...but he can also say 'tuck' = truck, 'mmmmmm' = moo, 'two' = two (when we say one first!), he has said ball at least once and Erin swore he said cup! He's beginning to blow kisses..soooo sweet! And continues to wave bye-bye and hold his hand up to his ear when the phone rings! He makes all kinds of other babbly noises but we have no idea what they are. He is signing more, all done, cup, milk, and we're working on bath. He loves the bathtub! 

The other BIG news for us lately is that Lincoln had the Chicken Pox!! He had red bumps for about a week and a half and Anthony and I didn't think anything about it. He's outside soo much we just figured it was mosquito bites. Then when he started developing a fever we realized that neither of us have any mosquito bites. I took him to the doctor on Friday, April 29th with a fever of 103. Dr. Todd checked him out and confirmed it was the chicken pox. Lincoln had his 1 year shots on April 8th, and he had bumps for about a week or more before we realized what it was. Todd said he feels like Lincoln was probably exposed to the virus around the same time as his shots...however, Anna says it's a live virus vaccine and it's not unheard of for a child to get chicken pox after getting the vaccine.
Anyway...there's nothing he can take to make him feel better so it was just Tylenol/Motrin to keep his fever down and if he was itchy he could use calamine lotion. He never once acted like he was itching or acted like the bumps bothered him at all. He had a fever until about Monday and was extremely clingy and whiny for several days. We had to stay home and keep him away from others who hadn't had the pox, or haven't been vaccinated. Lucky for us Anthony hasn't had them...but he's had the vaccine. 
However, our babysitter, Denise, hasn't had the chicken pox. Even though she'd had him for a whole week while he was infected she didn't feel comfortable keeping him this week. So....Erin was available!! She came down and stayed with Lincoln Monday-Wednesday. It was wonderful! They had a good time and he was a very good boy. Today, Thursday, he spent the day with Papaw Vance. Denise had a death in the family and Erin had a meeting all day, so that was all we had. They had a grand day together, although he didn't nap very well and was realllly tired and cranky this evening. But, such is life.

Otherwise all is pretty normal around here. There are only 25 more school days until summer break!!!! I think I can, I think I can...