Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sickness during pregnancy

This sucks! I feel terrible this weekend! My head is full of yuck and my nose is terribly runny! I've been coughing and sneezing. Yesterday I had a really nasty fight with my gag reflex and I almost didn't win!
Today we stayed home from church so I didn't share my germs. But I won't be so lucky tomorrow. School is on Monday...and there's no money for substitutes. So I have to go to school.
Anyway, I tried Sudafed and Benadryl.....Benadryl knocked me OUT! but didn't help me feel better. Sudafed didn't do anything. I mean, nothing. Now there's nothing else to try. When you're pregnant you have such a limited amount of drugs to try!
I'm going to go take a shower to see if that makes me feel better. At least I slept last promises about tonight!

I'll post more about the bathroom progress soon! Cute pics to follow!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good News

Since most of you who read this already know....I figure it's OK to post about it, now.

But we're almost 12 weeks pregnant and nearly finished with the first trimester!!!! We saw the baby at 8 weeks on ultrasound. We couldn't hear the heartbeat but we could SEE the flicker on the screen. How amazing! It was 180 beats per minute. That's crazy to me.
I couldn't help but cry. What an amazing feeling to see that living thing you've created with someone you love so much. You just can't explain it to anyone else, you just have to experience it.
So our due date is March 28, 2010. Anthony thinks we'll wait till April.
We're also taking votes on the sex of the baby before we know! Ant says it's a girl, my mom has already bought dresses, so she's on the girl side. Erin says it's a boy (although I think it's just so she can buy everything green!). Amy hopes it's a girl....I too want a girl. But we'll be happy with ANYTHING as long as it's healthy.

Next Tuesday, the 14th, we get to hear the heartbeat for the first time! I'm sure that'll be the most exciting moment! We hope to find out the sex by Thanksgiving. Hooray! I can't wait to buy sweet, sweet matter if they're pink or blue.

I bought my first pair of maternity pants today. Amy says I'll hate them before this is over! I finally found some at JCPenney that were long enough, everyone else things all pregnant ladies are 5 foot 6. HA! My belly has popped out and there's a definite bump there now. Anthony is so sweet and snuggles her every night and every morning before we go to work. But he keeps wanting to squeeze and wiggle it. And it's not very fun. It's uncomfortable. He doesn't understand....he says she likes it! ;-)

More to come...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One down... 35 to go...

One week is totally finished!!!

We made it together through 5 whole days of school. There were definitely some bumps along the
way but sure enough, here we are. We're all alive and no worse for the wear. Besides being extremely exhausted after school I'm making it.

The child with autism is very tiring....and requires constant attention or nothing gets done. I can't do that, so Mom has to understand that he can't function in a reg-ed classroom. We'll see what happens. They're in denial about it.

My 4th grade team is really good I think. Our newest member has just slid right in without any trouble and we're working well together so far. I hope it stays that way!

Some of my munchkins are adorable and some would drive you crazy in only 5 minutes! It's totally amazing how that happens! There are so many kids in 4th grade this year that we're just full of them, and it's tough to move around the room, or get away from them!

Hope all stays well....