Sunday, January 20, 2008


What is his name?
Anthony...but occasionally it's Sugar Bear!

How long have we been married?
2 years

How old is he?

Who eats more?
Definitly Anthony!! Who knows where he puts all that food! If he's been working your fingers!

Who said I love you first?
Me for sure! Anthony didn't mind at all!! *wink*

Who is taller?

Who sings better?
Probably me...but Anthony is really good when he sings in the car!

Whose temper is worse?
This is a hard question...I think I lose mine faster than Anthony, but when he gets mad it's not good...he prefers not to fight, so I get the silent treatment.

Who is smarter?
Definitely Anthony...can you say MENSA member?

Who mows the lawn?
Anthony, and it always looks so good!

Who pays the bills?
We use both of our monies....but Anthony is very particular, to say the least, so he actually pays the bills.

Who does the dishes?
Depends on who cooks...but usually Anthony.

Who cooks dinner?
I do, usually. Although, Anthony has started helping me once a week now, it's a nice break.

Who drives when you are together?
Almost always Anthony...he doesn't like the way I drive! If I drive to dinner..he takes the keys from me and drives home! HA!

Who is more stubborn?
I think Anthony...

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?
We both have trouble here...but I think I say I'm sorry first.

Who has more friends?
We have mostly shared friends...but I have girlfriends that I hang out with too...

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Ren & Anna said...

They should have had a "who gets crankiest when they don't eat" question...we would have won that one, hands down!