Saturday, September 27, 2008


We just went to see Fireproof last night! WOW!!! It's by the makers of Facing the Giants. What an awesome, awesome movie! Talk about an inspiration, romantic movie. If you thought Facing the Giants was've GOT to see Fireproof. I don't want to tell you what it's about, but you can check out the links above. You'll need tissues, and you should definitely go with your spouse!
All I can say is that this morning I got breakfast in bed and was serenaded by a beautiful guitar! Go see it...tell me what you think!


Ren & Anna said...

I really want to see this!!

Tori said...

So I watched the trailer from your blog and I FELL IN LOVE with the theme song... Warren Barfield sings it and it's all over the trailers and clips I watched online... tell Anthony it's on it's really easy to play and it's AMAZING... I really wanna see it now but I think I'm gonna have to wait and see if it comes to the Dollar Theater... :)