Saturday, June 20, 2009

And so it begins...

Tomorrow I leave for Disney World!!! WooooWhoooo!!!!

It's Thirty-One's National Conference. If you don't know what Thirty-One is, it's a faith-based company that sells pocketbooks, bags, and home decore. Check it out at There are some CRAZY cute things there for moms, friends, babies, and our newest catalog is just for teens! I Love it! Anyway....the conference is supposed to be really great. New products, new patterns and I get to see all kinds of wonderful women in my company. I'm excited!

Not to mention that it's at Disney!! Monday we're going to Hollywood Studios (previously MGM) for most of the day. The classes are from Monday evening to Wednesday. After that I'm meeting up with my mom. She's there with Marina & Anastasia....they're from Belarus. Mom is hosting them for 6's a church thing. So on Thursday we're going to Animal Kingdom. Of all the times I've been to Disney I've never done Animal Kingdom. It looks like fun.

So I'll be home Friday evening...then on Saturday we're going camping! We being me and Anthony, his cousin David and his son Will. I think Gary's coming too...and Erin's going to meet us up there for the campfire thing. We're going to Price Park in Blowing Rock. We're taking the kayaks and paddling around the lake. Then we're going up to the Virginia Creeper Trail to do the 18 mile trail downhill. It's really quite fun, and not daunting at all. It's an old rail road bed that's been made perfect for bikes. It's a great day activity. There are really cute shops along the way, and we always stop for ice cream and to play in the creek. Hooray!

When we get home from camping on Monday I'll have 3 days to wash all our clothes and pack again cause that Friday, July 3 Anthony and I are leaving for Washington, DC! We're going to watch the fireworks on the Mall! What a great experience. I think it's going to be awesome to see the fireworks at our Nation's Capitol! I'm sure it will be beautiful.

We're going to do all the usual stuff. I've been and Ant's been, but we've never been together. I love the art museums and such...but the monuments are my favorite. Thanks to Amy for checking out a wonderful book from the library for us to take with us!

We're leaving Washington July 8, then going to Williamsburg, VA for Busch Gardens! It seems we go there almost every year here lately. They have some awesome rollercoasters.

So that's my schedule for the next 3 weeks! Busy, busy, busy! I can't wait!

I'll post pics and info as soon as I get home and have some time!

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