Sunday, January 24, 2010

Annual Christmas Party

Every year our fabulous group of friends holds a super fun Christmas bash. Sometimes it's here at our house, other times it's in Boone at Erin's. Either way we always have a GREAT time and tons of laughs fill the house. Here are some photos of the fun.
Anna, Kelly, David, Christa, and Gary
Karen, David & Melissa
Jeromy, Collin, Erin & Anna
(Yes, Erin has a slap chop!!!!)Yes....that's Jeromy, our diabetic friend winning a present full of chocolate and candy!!! And Collin won a book....he doesn't read anything! A very interesting Dirty Santa this year!
I'll post some more pics when Anna shares her pics from her new camera!
The boys also played a pretty heated game of ping pong, but I didn't get any pictures!

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Melissa said...

Collin didn't end up with the book. he got the knife. Which is good because the book would have just collected dust!