Sunday, September 19, 2010


We went to the Catawba Science Center on Labor Day. It was the last day for the "Flutter By" butterfly habitat exhibit. Anthony and I have been to several different butterfly pavilions but this was Lincoln's first time. Since it was the last day, the butterflies were a little scarce. Danielle said they had lots of other different kinds while they were still actively shipping new ones in. Either way, it was very pretty and Lincoln would just be still and watch. We went with my friend, Tori, and we had a sweet time. This is a picture of him staring at one perched on a leaf. It's hard to find... almost like Where's Waldo.

Just hanging out. We were sporting our Appalachian wear on Saturday in support of the home game. I guess we did a pretty good job supporting because they came out with a win! He's rolling alllll over the place and is soo close to crawling. He's got the actions all figured out, he just hasn't put them all together, yet! Tonight it was almost like he was getting ready to army crawl. He's very good at getting up on his knees, and just today he started pushing forward with his knees and his little elbows would slide forward. Precious! I'm so not ready for that! It's exciting, don't get me wrong, but I just dread having to put things up for a while until he gets the hang of "no." Oh yeah, and tonight we tried squash for the first time. He's had carrots and green beans and he much preferred the green beans. He really liked the squash, no funny faces or anything. And he ate almost the whole container! We'll have that two or three more times this week and try something else new next week. I think maybe sweet potatoes. We'll see.

This is his favorite past time! Lounging in the floor with the puppy! He absolutely loves her and watches her all the time. He just laughs and cackles when she comes near. She's doing very well with him and is being very patient. I have a feeling this immobility will not last much longer. *sigh*

There's also progress on the deck! It's so exciting... Anthony was placing the very first row of boards here. Isn't he cute?! It's nice to have the support system finished so he can work by himself, or with a little help from me every now and then.

This is the very first time someone stood on our deck!! It's my toes! Hooray!

This is what it looked like Saturday morning. We got all the way past those support joists you see running parallel to the deck boards. Anthony did most of the measuring and all of the cutting, but I did a lot of the drilling of screws. Since it opens up to the kitchen it's really easy to let the baby play in the floor and just step outside and drill in a few. I just took breaks to make Lincoln happy, or to feed him. Either way, it worked out quite nicely. If we can do that again next Saturday we'll be nearly finished with the flooring. Then it's on to support of the roof since we're covering almost all of it. Then handrails and steps and such. 
It's also nice that now there's enough room up on the deck to put the saw horses and some boards so he can work all on one level instead of up and down the ladder. It will definitely be more efficient, and I think things will move a lot faster. We both walked around out there tonight. It's funny how we didn't really use it  a lot because it was a little scary, but when it's gone we sure do miss it! I guess I walk out with Lile a few times a week, or I just open the door to let her walk around outside. When it's not there I can't lay out wet clothes or put my plants outside for some sun. It's surprising how much I've missed having a deck out there. 
I would also like to amend my last post. Our previous deck was 16 X 12. We're rebuilding this one to 
16 X 20. Anthony wanted to make sure it was correctly documented.

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