Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Fun

Oh my...where to start?! What an eventful Christmas season is has been! And oh how blessed with are...with family, with friends, with love. It's such a beautiful time of year. Lincoln has been such an incredible baby. It's hard to believe he wasn't around at Christmas time last year....in utero doesn't count! He's just a joy. I know that sounds cliche, but he is just magical...like our Christmas cards said. 
My family made an adjustment to Christmas plans this year because we knew the boys would want to play with their toys, and not just open them and then have to leave. So instead of opening presents with my parents and Kaleb, Leslie, and Zane on Christmas morning we moved it to Christmas Eve morning. Mom cooked a yummy breakfast and we enjoyed our time together where we didn't have to rush and the boys played and napped (Lincoln did, anyway!) and we didn't have to rush away or drive anywhere. It was VERY nice. I'm going to like this new tradition. 
We still had Christmas Eve at Moppy & Poppy's house also...then Anthony's parents after that. Needless to say it was a very busy day! We even squeezed in a visit to the Snack Bar to see Anthony's aunt Aleta from Kentucky before she drove back home (picture to follow). 
Christmas Day was pretty relaxed. We got up when Lincoln did to open presents and just enjoyed being together with nowhere to go. We had planned on going to Ma-maw's to see Aunt Sheila and Uncle Terry but the snow put a kink in the plans. I haven't seen that much snow in a long time! I think by the time it was all said and done we were sitting on 6 or 7 inches! It was breathtaking. A lovely, white Christmas. So instead of heading up to Canton, Anthony's parents and aunt and uncle came over for "brunch". Toni cooked breakfast and we visited a little. His grandmother is in a nursing home this year so we didn't have  a big Christmas lunch at her house like we usually do. 
Lincoln enjoyed the people and the busy-ness of the holidays. He didn't really open his presents, but he did like to eat the wrapping paper and play with the tissue paper. His favorite toy by far was the cute little ride-on tricycle we got him. It starts out as a kind of stroller while he's little then it rearranges itself to become a very nice tricycle when he's ready for that. He napped well and was very happy most of the holiday season. 
Here are a few pictures of our Christmas celebrations. They are in no particular order...in fact, they're out of order and I can't help it!
And so it begins....our first Christmas Eve spent building presents for the baby. I'm sure it's only the first of many! And just think...all these parts turned into this:

A super-cool Tricycle for Lincoln! Right now he can sit in it and we push him....he LOVES it! Later some of the pieces come off and he can pedal for himself. It's very, very cute.

Our Christmas spread before the presents were opened. (That big red snowflake one was mine!!!)

This was Lincoln's first glimpse of his new bike...he couldn't take his eyes off of it. While Anthony and I opened presents he pushed it around, spun the pedals and wheels, and pulled up to stand by it. So sweet! We ended up having to push him around the house for a while because he wanted to ride!

Daddy and baby enjoying Daddy's Christmas present from Mommy...a new electric guitar and amp!

Our Christmas spoils!! Lincoln was enjoying his tricycle, Anthony was enjoying his guitar and yes....that's my BEAUTIFUL full-sized keyboard with weighted keys! I LOVE it! And was totally surprised. Anthony hadn't given me any hints (I wouldn't let him) so I was in the dark about what he was so excited that he got me. He promised me it was nothing off my wishlist and it sure wasn't! I stopped asking for it a long time ago. Anthony said we needed it....Lincoln loves music and literally dances every time he hears a song. Ant said it was important that he grow up surrounded by music so I needed the keyboard! Ok by me!

This was around 9:00 on Christmas Morning....note that the ground is not covered, but it is certainly snowing. 

This is by far the best picture of Christmas! You can just see his excitement on his face! We took him outside to push him around in his trike and to let him play in the snow. He had a blast!! He giggled and grinned and laughed! So precious! This was around 6:00 pm on Christmas evening. See the ground covered in snow!

Anthony pushing the baby with Lile leading the way! 

"Really, Mom?"

"I'm not so sure about this stuff! It's cold and wet!"

One of Lincoln's first Christmas ornaments. Grammy Toni had it made for him. 

My mom's beautiful house covered in snow. I think this was taken on Monday, 12-27...there's still tons of snow around. It melts more slowly at her house because of all the trees and shade. 

Christmas Eve with Nana and Papaw. Such proud grandparents!

Family Christmas picture!! 

He was so excited by everything he just fell asleep. Poor little guy!

Zane and Lincoln sharing a private moment. They played very well together. Zane is learning to take turns and be easy. It's awfully hard to share your brand new toys with someone so little who doesn't know what he's doing. They had a very good time!

Sweet boys in matching pjs! Thanks, Aunt Leslie!

This is the best one I got of the two of my babies together! Lile was NOT happy!

Anthony's aunt Aleta with Lincoln before driving back to Kentucky.

Papaw Vance got Lincoln his very own piggy bank! It's a large blue pig with his name and 2010 engraved into the side. It's already got some change jingling inside.

Christmas Eve at Moppy's. Zane said Lincoln was a special delivery so he made Kaleb carry him around the house in my Thirty-One bag for my presents! They both were in there at one point! And Zane carried it around his neck with all his toys in it saying he had deliveries...precious.

What a beautiful, beautiful time it was. And a very sweet First Christmas for my baby Lincoln. 

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