Friday, August 12, 2011

I know...I know...

It's been forever!!! 

I am very sorry, but we've been quite busy. We've spent 2 weeks out west visiting Yellowstone National Park and Grand Tetons National Park. Once we got home we settled for a week or so and then left again for Virginia Beach. 

I promise I am working diligently to cull out my favorite pictures to share. I only took over 1,300!!! It's really hard to decide what to share, or what I want you to see. 

But for tonight I'll leave you with the sweetest thing my baby boy did for me today:

This morning as I'm checking my email Lincoln was playing outside on the deck. He pushes around his scooter, rides it around, throws his balls...he loves it out there. Anyway, he suddenly shows up in front of me holding my potted begonia! He looked at me all sweet and said "fowah," handed it to me and walked away!!! He had climbed up on one of the chairs beside the table, pulled the tray the flower sits on towards him, pulled the flower off the tray, hopped down off the chair and brought it inside to me! I just couldn't be mad! It was such a precious moment. My heart just melted a little bit! I don't know if he really knew that he was giving me a flower and that it was sweet, but it was soooo precious. 

Here are a few cute pics of the boys at Ian's birthday party in June.

Me and Lincoln at a water park in Pocatello, Idaho. The day before we came home from vacation.

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Anna and Jeromy said...

Yay for a new post - those boys sure are growing up fast.