Monday, September 12, 2011


Drumroll please…..

Here is the first sneak peek at our newest, tiny, precious addition! Baby Vance #2 is expected to arrive sometime around March 22, 2012! I am sooo terribly excited! Lincoln is going to be a GREAT big brother. His favorite word is baby…well, that and truck! But who knows, maybe he’s just getting ready because he knows what’s coming!
I say scheduled to arrive…but you never know. I look at a due date as more of a suggestion. Here…be ready at LEAST by this date. You know, Lincoln was 5 days late…who knows what this baby will do? My best friend, Amy, is already begging me to hold baby in until her birthday, March 28. I’ve got some really bad news for you Amy…that baby better be outta here before then! Or someone (besides me) is going to be VERY unhappy! We also have some baby friends who were born on St. Patty’s day. I wouldn’t mind sharing my baby’s birthday with some very cute friends! And I don't think Kyra and Liam would mind! But, that would just add fuel to Erin’s fire to buy tons of green things for baby to wear….YUCK!!
We found out we were pregnant on vacation in Yellowstone National Park this summer. We were actually at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge. We had taken Clomid again, only one cycle, and I packed my pee sticks. When I could wait no longer to christen one of the tests I went for it. Finally, blessedly, thankfully….there were two lines. Ok, so one was VERY faint and just slightly there, but mind you…it was THERE! Oh how I cried! Hooray!!! Anthony kept asking if I was sure…the line was sooo faint. I said, “Listen here, buddy….if there are two lines, no matter the color, that’s it!”
We decided to try to wait to tell the family until we’d made it to our first OB appointment and had an ultrasound to see how many were in there. With Clomid you never know… so we just wanted to be sure! Honestly, I had NASTY dreams about twins! I was realllly hoping that wasn’t true! Turns out, just one happy baby that actually looked a lot like a gummy bear! Such a sweet sight to see! We went to the OB at 10 weeks for the first ultrasound and all was well and healthy and happy. 
We are now just over 12 weeks and ready for the 2nd trimester!
I haven't been sick or anything...just so terribly tired. Learning a new grade-level and the stress of going back to school, chasing a toddler, and making a baby does leave one extremely tired! Anthony's ready for that party to be over for a while, so I'm not always wanting to take a nap!
I have to say we are so very, very excited!! I can't wait to find out what this baby is! I'm praying for a girl, but honestly I'd be just as happy if it's another beautiful baby boy! Lincoln is definitely precious and I could handle that again!


Anonymous said...

This is such exciting news!!! Congrats to you both and if it's another boy remember that you will always be the queen on the castle:)

Lynette Ryhal said...

So excited for you!!! Stay tuned to my blog for some fun updates soon...