Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Just really quick I wanted to share our family Halloween picture! We were the cutest skeleton family I've ever seen!

I found my shirt! And I HAD to have it! I thought every member of the family deserved to be represented. So Baby Girl is here with us too! The girls at school LOVED it today. So that was a lot of fun. I added the pink bow just to show we knew that baby was a girl. 

Lincoln was definitely more fun this year than last year. He really didn't know what was going on or why we kept trying to get him to say "Trick or Treat" or why we kept moving on. He wanted to go in everyone's house. We started at Grammy & Papaw's house, then went to Nana's church for trunk or treat. He didn't really want to hold his basket or visit other people's cars. He just wanted to see Nana dressed as Papa Smurf at her trunk. 
After we got home we trick or treated some of the homes here in our neighborhood. He got some really good candies and yummies. He didn't get to eat any before bed, though! I'm not sure how much he'll actually get to eat! 

Anthony is already excited about next year. He thinks Lincoln will really understand what's going on next year and so he'll be excited about going. We'll see how that works with a 9 month old in tow!

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Anna and Jeromy said...

That is one speedy post! I love the costumes :)