Thursday, February 16, 2012

35 Weeks and Counting!

I CANNOT believe how fast this pregnancy has gone! It's amazing to think back to Lincoln's and remember that we were counting our lives by how many weeks pregnant we were. Everything was measured in baby time. Now we have to stop and think about how far along we are...funny how life changes. We've been so busy with everything else going on that I haven't posted about me or the baby or really even Lincoln lately. So I thought I'd take a little time tonight to remember a few things.

Last doctor's visit: Feb. 9 with Dr. Miletich (my favorite!)
Weight gained: 0 lbs
Total weight gain: 17 1/2 lbs
This is fabulous! At this stage with Lincoln I was pushing +35 pounds!
Belly measurement: 33 weeks
Heartbeat: 150s
Position: She may or may not be head down. She was head up during our fun 3-D ultrasound 2 weeks before and I'm not totally sure she's turned yet. Dr. Miletich felt like she was probably head down now, I'm not convinced.
Estimated size: 4-4.5 pounds, about the size of a pineapple
Next appointment: February 22 with Dr. Harraghy - Now I'm down to check-ups each week.

We had a very interesting day yesterday. I was at school, of course, when I started feeling some very uncomfortable pains quite low on the belly. It didn't really matter if I sat or stood, it was uncomfortable and made me unhappy. As we went in from recess I began to feel like it just wasn't right. She might have moved down, but shouldn't be pushing on me like that. Then I realized that it wasn't really a constant pain, but it went from uncomfortable to realllly uncomfortable and then kind of waved back to uncomfortable. It wasn't regular or timed but they were unhappy feelings. I walked down the hallway to talk to some who is pregnant at goes to my doctor, and one who is a new mommy. I thought maybe Abby might have another number for our office since they were on lunch and no one was answering the phone. Lauren started just talking to me and asking me questions and then started timing the really unhappy part of the feelings. It was about every 5 minutes. Abby finally got a hold of the pager number for the doctor and Dr. Harraghy called me back. I described what was going on as best I could. She told me to go home if possible, drink as much water as I could hold, take a nice warm bath and put my feet up. My principal walked in the room just as the doctor was telling me these things and was very concerned. Thankfully we arranged for Lauren to drive me home, everyone was being overly cautious!
So Lauren drives me home and gets me settled. She looks at me and do you have your bags packed and ready if you have to go to the doctor or the hospital today. My  mouth hit the floor! Well no! Of course's not time for that yet! We've still got 5 more weeks! Sweet Lauren starts talking to me about what kind of things we might need to stick in a bag, just in case. So we wandered around Sweet Girl's room gathering tiny clothes, looking for blankets, pacis, socks and such. When I realize that our little pacis, all the socks we have, and the little onesies with foldover hands are all still in the building packed away in Lincoln's stuff. Not only that, but so are all the other things I had meant to get out and start getting ready. Not one receiving blanket has been washed, and I've only washed 3 or 4 newborn outfits...nothing else! Lauren just smiled and said it would be fine and we started putting things in a bag. We managed to throw a few things in a bag for me, too. How stressful and hectic! Totally unprepared!
Thankfully, by the time Lauren and I had packed a few things and I had run my tub full of water I was feeling better. I had already drank a full 24 oz Tervis Tumbler and had filled it again. All was well with the world. I soaked in the tub, got out and finished a book on the couch, drank more water than anyone really should, and then pottied alot for the rest of the day! But it was really nice to put my feet up and be home by myself for a little while. I'm never here when no one else is home. It was quite nice!
So now we're just hoping and praying that she decides to stay in a little longer. I mean, I wouldn't mind her coming a week or two early to separate their birthdays a little, but 5 weeks is a little too early! We're not quite ready for her to be here yet! 
We did get her nursery furniture finished. Erin was in town this week and came to help Anthony carry heavy things upstairs and put the last piece of furniture together. We moved it all around and finally came up with an arrangement I think I can live with. If not, we'll move it again! That's all she's got so far though. A crib with bedding, and two dressers. No decorations to speak of, no sweet lamp, no cute mobile...but I'm hoping to get some of that soon to finish it off. I've also got her big tree on order, so I can't WAIT to get that on the wall when it comes in! :)

Although this is not the most flattering I am at 35 weeks today!

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