Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good News!!!

Last Thursday, May 10, 2012, was a big day! We got some very good news and some very good things happen....Here they are in the order of occurrence, not necessarily the order of importance!

1. I quit my job!!!!! No really. I finally made it official and called the county office to have it arranged and went to school to tell my principal that I am not coming back in the fall. This is not a permanent arrangement. Anthony has always promised me I could have at least one full school year off to stay with the babies. I reallllly thought it wasn't going to happen because of this whole transplant business. But Anthony said if I was ever going to be able to stay home it would be now. Who am I to ask questions?! So officially I will not go back this year, and I'll be off for the whole school year next year. The plan is to start back August of 2013. I'm on "parental leave without pay" meaning the school system will hold a position for me for one year from Aspen's birthday. Since I am beginning leave in the latter part of the year the board can allow me to wait to return until August. That way they wouldn't have to find a place for me in March, not to mention they wouldn't have to pay  my salary or any of my benefits until August if they allow me to wait. This still means they would guarantee I have a job...just who knows where. I will have a job when I return, but we don't know where or what. I'm honestly hoping to go back as a teacher's assistant...or find a computer job...or use my masters in manager. Any of those things would be better than a classroom teacher. So I am now a stay at home mom!!!

2. Lincoln laid down and took a big boy nap ALL by himself! That's the first time EVER he's laid down with his blanket and paci and taken a nap without any sitting with me, or help from me. I was so happy! We had been out running around and got home later than normal for his nap. He was blinking very heavily and asked for his blanket. He climbed up on the couch and sat for a minute...then hopped up and down a few times. Finally he got still for long enough that he just passed out! I was nursing Aspen so I couldn't hold him until I was finished with her. What a big, big boy! :)

3. We have a hospital! Anthony's insurance company finally called him to tell him they worked out a deal with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (heretofore referred to as Baptist). That means we can now start the ball rolling! Some time in June he has to go for a meeting/information. He will then be tested, blood typed, tissue typed...etc. When he comes home from that appointment he will have blood vials for anyone wanting to be tested as a kidney donor. They would simply take the vial and have their blood drawn at their doctor's office. The information would be passed on to Baptist and checked to see if they're a match. We can't tell you how excited we are that the insurance is agreeing to pay for Baptist. It's only an hour drive from home and is definitely something we can drive several times a week as he goes for doctor's appointments after the transplant. I am also very glad that it's at Baptist because that's where Anna works. Lord knows I'll need a friend and some support as Anthony undergoes the greatest, most challenging time of his life. Jeromy and Anna live close to the hospital so I'd have a place to crash if I needed it. And if Lincoln does come to visit, he and Ian can spend a little more time together! That's a win-win-win any way you look at it. 
More good news: At his doctor's appointment this week the doctor said that there is no way he'd have to wait the 3-5 years on the transplant list that we've been hearing about. He said Anthony is an ideal candidate: he's young, he's physically fit, he's working full time, he has kids. He's the kind of patient they want to give a kidney to. They want him to be well and healthy, and they want to give kidneys to the people who would most likely have successful transplants. 
This feels so much better! It feels like we're not just in a holding pattern. It feels like we actually have a plan and we are moving forward. So best case scenario: Anthony could have a kidney by the fall if a living donor is found. Worst case scenario: hopefully within a year! Praise God for small miracles!

On another note, Sunday was Mother's Day. Lincoln and Aspen went together to buy me a most beautiful, wonderful new pair of Chacos! Hooray! We went to church then headed up the mountain to spend the afternoon with some pretty wonderful women. My grandmother, my aunt, and my mom were all there and we had a great time. Everybody loved on the baby, and they all just oooh and ahh over Lincoln's talking and his hair! Aspen traveled very well, it's the farthest away from home she's ever been. Lincoln slept the whole way up there, and some of the way back. We are both still thankful we have children who like to sleep in the car and don't ever fight their car seat! My grandmother had been in the hospital from Thursday to Saturday, so I was glad to get to see her and spend time with her. She had an infection around her heart that they couldn't actually see because of her pace maker. They gave her some medicine and kept her for observation but she was alright. She did become sentimental though. As Anthony and I were leaving she hugged me and told me she loved me. Not unusual...then she added that she was thankful she had gotten to see the kids while they were little. Just glad that she could be a small part of their lives. That she wished she lived closer to us to spend more time with them. How sweet, but also how sad. She even said she was thankful to see them because she might not be around next year. That sweet lady needs to live forever! What a precious soul. We're all praying she continues to live her long happy life for many years to come. While we were there I snapped a few 
photos....the one of our 4 generations is priceless.

Oooo I could just eat them! :)

I try to remember to take a picture of Lincoln with Mamaw every time they're together. What sweet memories those will be.

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