Monday, April 1, 2013

"Great things"

I don't even know where to begin. I just had one of the most amazing experiences of my life.. I had just posted my facebook status: More tears tonight as I tucked my 2 year old into bed for the very last time...I can't believe we've been entrusted with this amazing, intelligent, talented little person. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for him. I really was crying as I walked away from the computer. Overwhelmed with the fact that tomorrow Lincoln will be 3. That we've been blessed with him for 3 amazing years.

I then went to dry my hair. As I was standing there with the hair dryer in my hand I was completely overcome. There was this resounding voice/presence/words in my mind and in my ears. It wasn't like a sound you hear, or a voice that spoke to me audibly but it was so overwhelming that it was undeniable. "Great things." It just kept repeating and repeating in my mind. So much so that I had to put down the hair dryer and kneal. I was so overcome. "Great things." Over and over. Tears streamed down my face and all I could do was pray. Father God is telling me that Lincoln is going to do "great things." How amazing is that. It was such an overwhelming realization that I didn't know what to pray or what to say. I just asked God to help me to raise Lincoln in the way He sees fit. That I praise him, correct him, love him, encourage him, teach him, and guide him in the way the Lord wants me to. Then all I could ask was 'how?' How can I raise a man who is destined to do great things? How do you parent that? How can I ever be good enough to lead him into what he's going to become?
My entire being felt this message from the Lord. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that He was speaking directly to me and giving me a glimpse into the tell me Lincoln is going to be "great." 
I am so scared of what that means. President? Doctor? Scientist? Preacher? Evangelist? 
How can I be prepared for that? How can we, as parents, foster what God wants to grow? Please be in prayer with me that we can teach Lincoln in the way God wants us to. If he's to be 'great' we need to raise him and treat him that way. Please pray for us to be the parents we need to be. 

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jan said...

Love this post. I pray for great things to come for Lincoln and your family....and God will make it happen. I also pray to walk in God's ways, to hear from Him each day, and to help lead my family through the Holy Spirit's guidance.