Thursday, December 22, 2016

In which Daddy goes back to work

I knew this day was coming. I've been a bit worried for a while. Having Anthony home for 2 weeks has been such a blessing!! 

He has done laundry, washed countless numbers of dishes, fed the big kids, changed tons of diapers, ran errands, been my gopher, and more. Most of all, he has loved me. He has hugged, snuggled, kissed, and told me how much he loves me. Nothing is more important than that. 

It certainly helped this momma feel better after coming home with baby #3. I may have been a bit stressed and overwhelmed by the thoughts of a newborn. Through it all we've worked as a team and gotten done what needed to be done. 

So today I managed to get all FOUR of us dressed, fed, ready, and out the door. We were even on time to Little Bit's doctor appointment. HUGE accomplishment!!!! So proud of myself. 

LK and I even ran by the grocery store to get my plan ahead dinner meal. We picked the big kids up from Grammy's and headed home to do school work. What an adventure that was!

Anthony has been doing most of the schooling since LK was born. So having all 3 to myself today and trying to get anything accomplished was quite interesting. We managed. It just took an extra little while. Phew. Thank goodness for Christmas Break! We all need one. 

All the children are fed and happy. That's really all that matters. Maybe the floor will get vacuumed tomorrow. Maybe. 

Perhaps the dishwasher will get unloaded tonight. Perhaps not. 

But we're all alive!

And we're all together. 💗

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