Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our first blog!

We're excited to share our family adventures with you all! Ren & Anna, this really great couple from Arizona, introduced us to their blog and we wanted to try it out. I may not be as good as Anna about posting every week....but I promise I'll try. We're usually out doing something fun...hope you enjoy it too!

This is a picture of our beautiful baby! She's soooo cute! Her name is Lile (you might pronounce it Lilly) and we adopted the Hawaiian spelling of her name because we got her the day we got back from Hawaii. We had such a great time there we wanted to remember it always! Her full name is Lilehana...but we just call her Lile.

Anthony calls her Peebody....cause she still pees in the floor all the time!

We're crate training her....and she's getting better, but she's still not got her bladder under control. If anyone has any tips...we'll be glad to hear them!

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