Monday, March 31, 2008

We're going on Vaca!!

Ok, so we just booked our reservation for our first summer vacation! We're planning to take all our friends to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a long weekend stay. See...our friends (and us) are mostly short on cash...and if we don't try really, really hard to get together, we won't get to be together. The last time we were all on vacation together was when we were still in college, for Spring Break. That was quite some time ago!
So we booked a cabin that sleeps 8. We're planning on having 8 adults and one very cute and adorable child, if everyone does actually come!
Here's the link to check out where we'll be calling home for a few days in June.

Anyway....We're already excited...if you couldn't tell. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!

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Ren & Anna said...

Sounds so fun! Can you believe it's been 8 months since Hawaii? I want to go back so badly!!