Friday, June 6, 2008


It couldn't be a better day! The rugrats left for the last time today!
I have babies to keep, people to see, a puppy to love...
My girlfriends and I are going to New York City..I've never been and I can't wait! My new camera will definitly be put to good use!
Anthony and I are planning on doing something, but haven't figured out what yet...we've mentioned several things, but nothing sticks out. We'll just play it by ear I guess!
What a great day!


Tori said...

AWWWW! "People to see" better include me.. I'm coming to Hickory for sure, I just don't know when yet. NEW YORK CITY IS AMAZING-- I think one of my friends and I are going (hopefully) and I think we're going to see Rent! (It's going off Broadway in September.)
But hey, if Hickory doesn't work out, you could always come here, I am not that hard to find....... :)

Ren & Anna said...

I know what you guys can do this summer...come see Anna and Ren! :) Let's all go to Hawaii again. Wouldn't that be fun?