Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lile's first Homemade Haircut!

So I love my little Lilehana...but I don't love the $30 it costs ever time she needs a haircut. So my friend Michelle and I were shopping at Big Lots and we found a kid's haircutting set. I thought....Hmmm...this could work!

So I bought it and brought it home....what an adventure!

As you can see....she wasn't terribly happy about it! I took this picture in the middle of the haircut! I thought she looked like a lion...she now has VERY little hair! And the day I cut it she shivered the whole time she was in the house! We had to cover her up with a blanket because she was cold!

This is a pile of the middle of the cut! You should've seen it when I was finished! It was like a snow storm!

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