Tuesday, December 30, 2008

AHHH! Chocolate Monster!

Ok...so Lile LOVES chocolate!!! We discovered this when we came home from work one day after Halloween and she had eaten 3 bags of mini M&Ms and 2 mini Snickers! I freaked out. Her belly was huge and she smelled delicious! I called the vet and they said there was nothing we could do unless it was within 4 hours of ingestion. We had no idea when she ate it so we just waited to see what would happen. Nothing...hooray!
So we had our annual Christmas party this past weekend and without thinking I started cleaning up the house. One of my students had left some hot chocolate mix in the classroom and I brought it home and tossed it in the floor. After Gary and Anthony and I got home from the park on Saturday this is what greeted us at the door!
It's SOOO hard to be mad at her when she's this darn cute! I popped her before I looked at her mouth, then Anthony showed it to me and I couldn't help but laugh!!! We cleaned her up but she smelled like chocolate for the rest of the night! 

Check out her Christmas picture! 

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Ren & Anna said...

Hey there, this is Ren...I love your chocolate dog! I always thought it was fatal or something, good news it's not!