Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don't make me do it!

Ok....I just don't want to go. I could cry....that's how much I don't want to go. That's right, Meet the Teacher night is tomorrow night. That means I'll be at school all day tomorrow...from 8 -6:30 at the earliest, but more like 7. We'll get a short break for lunch at a local church, but other than that it's an all day thing. Open house starts at 4:30.....but here we go again....ultimately you ALWAYS have someone who's rude enough to come at 2, or even at 12. "Oh well..I can't come tonight so I thought I'd come earlier. Hope that's OK." So forget that my room's not finished, forget that I won't have changed clothes and gotten ready, forget that it's WAYYY too early....they'll be there anyway. In fact, one student's family actually came today..not for me, but for 5th grade. But I mean really.... it's NOT OK to come a whole day early. I mean really...we don't even have the class lists finished. Kids are still enrolling every day. Ridiculous.

So...if you couldn't tell I really don't want to go to work. I don't want to start back to school, and I'm not ready for the kids to come back. Not that any of that matters to anyone, or that anyone cares. The days will pass, the kids will come and hopefully Christmas will come early!

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Tori said...

Dude. This makes me sad. But if it makes you feel any better, I don't want to go back to school either. I might be spending more time over at your place if my roommate gets too loud. (Did that make you feel better? Probably not.)
I wish you'd told me when it was! I could've come up and brought some more stuff and helped you out. Oh well. Guess we'll have to have another date when I'm officially back in Hickory! :)