Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby girl...maybe?!

So last Thursday we went to the hospital and a friend scanned my belly to see if we've got a boy or a girl growing in there!! We wiggled and jiggled, twisted and patted, rolled and pushed....and still no go! The umbilical cord was in between Baby's legs! When we first started looking she was sooo sure she knew what the baby was. Then, the longer we looked the more unsure she became.
Although, they have really cool machines, now! She can show the blood flow in red and blue, that's how we knew it was the cord. But that's pretty cool.... sweet friend who snuck me into the hospital for a super special scan now has me scared to death! She just kept saying "This is such a big baby! This baby is sooo big!". She measured the femur and just gasped! I don't know any measurements, but man, Baby sure looked big. She wanted to take a picture of the spine and kept saying she couldn't get the entire spine in one picture frame. Interesting! But Anthony just mentioned that neither of us are small people, so I guess we're growing a tall baby! Ant says Baby's going to be an athlete....if she's tall and skinny she'll be an awesome runner!

Sooooo...She's 90% sure it's a baby girl!!!! I'm super-duper excited! Here comes pink and bows and ribbons and black patent leather shoes!

Tomorrow (Thursday, Nov. 12) we go for our official anatomy scan at the doctor's office. Hopefully the cord moved this week, with all that wiggling in there you'd think she's doing jumping jacks or maybe Irish dancing!

HOPE we find out something more definite tomorrow!!!!!!!!

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