Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's a baby!

My most recent preggo pic! 21 weeks, Sunday, November 15, 2009. There is a belly for sure! I'm in all maternity bottoms, but can still wear alot of my pre-preggo shirts and tops. Unless they're too short to cover the lovely panel on those maternity pants.
I've gotten lots of great maternity clothes from Kelly Wortman...and some from Alyssa at work. It's quite nice to not have to spend so much money on things you wear for only a few months! So thanks, girls!

Say hello to our tiny baby! We have had a total of 3 ultrasounds so far. One at the doctor's office and two from a friend at the hospital! It's nice to have connections!
Anyway...we know the sex of the baby but I'm not posting it until I get to see the whole family at Thanksgiving!! That's not too much longer to wait!
Seeing this baby on screen was incredible!!!! Just to see the chambers of the heart fluttering, the little hands and feet wiggling all over the place. Amazing...we are so blessed!

You'll all know what I am soon!!!

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