Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowy Fun

We've had a very exciting weekend around here. Friday it started snowing at 9 am. School was released at 10 and I was home by 11! Since the buses ran it counts as a school day so we don't have to make it up. HOORAY!!!
Snow Anthony

Yes....that is a pregnant Snow Kyla!! Anthony decided it was only proper that we appropriately represent every member of the family! (Except that our future son is a snow person....and I'm pregnant, that's a little funny.)

Our wintery home!

Our future child!!!! And Snow Lile! How precious are they?!

Our sweet Snow family!!
We had alot of fun playing outside. Lile finally gave up and had to go inside. We picked her up for this picture and she was shivering! Our neighbors saw us outside and came over to have a peak. They said their curiosity got the best of them. I hope they last a very long time. We had 40 degree weather today so it started melting. But since it's packed so tightly, I hope the snow of our snow family hangs in there this week!

So it snowed all day Friday and we ended up with about 8 inches! We've not seen this much snow since I was about 8 or 9 years old. It's very exciting and soo very beautiful! During the snow adventure the wallpaper men came to remove the wallpaper from the baby's room.

This is the Lovely wallpaper before....all that painted texture. Yum.

This is what it looks like now. Yes, it's blue...but that's just what was behind the wallpaper. It still needs to be sanded and painted. We're going to do an Underwater Adventure theme with super cute sea creatures and such. I've gotta buy a piece of the baby's bedding so I can get some paint. Grandpa Carroll is going to do the painting for us, so we've gotta get some things together.

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Ren, Anna & Tristan said...

I'm so glad you put some preggo pictures up!! I came on here looking for some! I loved the belly in the 2nd're still comfortable and feel cute!! I'm dying to know the name. Are you sure you don't want to tell JUST ME? Haha...