Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ok...I know it's not a very pretty picture, but look at that belly! This is from Sunday, 23 weeks!! It's very round, solid, and tight. One of my friends at school is also preggo...but 2 weeks behind me. Our body types are quite different and she has belly envy! She rubbed it on Monday and just sighed and said "I want one, it's so big and round!" That truly makes me feel good! I have to admit I'm pretty proud of it myself. It's only going to get bigger and I'm really looking forward to it.

If you haven't's officially a boy!!!!! We'll just ignore that earlier post about a baby girl. Evidently the umbilical cord was hiding a VERY important part! We have decided on a name, but I haven't unveiled it yet. We happen to love it (obviously) and hope you will, too. We go back to the doctor Dec. 10th for a follow-up ultrasound. The tech couldn't see everything she needed to see last time so we get to look at him again!! We don't mind! If it's still a boy *wink* when we look next Thursday I'll tell you all his name! You're gonna love it!

And an update on our shower! For the last two weeks we've been tiling! Hooray! We have used almost 3 boxes of tile and have laid up to almost 3 feet. The bench is finished and the bottom 2 1/2 rows are complete. It's very exciting! It looks soo good. I'm already pleased with it, and there's only like 30 tiles up! Can't wait till it's finished. I wish we could work on it more often, but we have to mix the thinset before we start, and it's impossible to save. So we can only make what we will use in the time we need it.'s looking good. Pictures to follow soon!!

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