Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Father's Day and Such

I know it's long past but it's been busy around here! For Father's Day Lincoln and I had a plan. We were trying to think of something super great..seeing as how for Mother's Day Daddy and Lincoln got me diamond earrings. For all those in the "know" Anthony and I have a really cute fish pond behind the house. It's got 8 beautiful fish in it, including one VERY large koi. Beside this pond is the largest pompas grass you have ever seen. Almost as tall as our two story house!

 Needless to say it's quite an eyesore and Anthony and I both hate it. We've been wanting to remove it for the whole time we've lived here, but were really afraid that it was going to be a huge undertaking and we didn't even know where to start! Thankfully I talked to our great friend, Erin, about getting it out. See...Lincoln wanted to buy Daddy a Japanese Maple tree for the pond. And we needed to put the tree right where the pompas grass was. We didn't want to buy a gift that came with work along with it and I didn't want to say "Here's your tree...now dig out the pompas!" So Erin GRACIOUSLY volunteered to help with Operation Father's Day and remove the pompas for us! 
Father's Day morning Lincoln and I gave Anthony his beautiful Red Dragon Japanese Maple tree.

 He was so excited! He's wanted one forever. Then you could almost see his thoughts going to the pompas and how it would have to be taken out. The look of sheer relief when I said Erin was coming to remove it was priceless!! We also gave him a big pop-up shade for when we go camping or to the beach. We've already used it at our neighbor's pool! 
Erin came over the next day and we (she) attacked the giant grass. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be - though I wasn't the one wielding the shovel!! Needless to say, we got it out and got the tree planted in its place. It was very symbolic to plant a tree for Baby Lincoln's first year of life. As we watch the tree grow we'll always remember it was for Anthony's first Father's Day. It is sooo pretty! It looks so good. It was the perfect finishing touch to our fish pond. 

Here are my beautiful boys by their tree!

Lincoln is rolling over allll the time now! He always turns over his left arm but yesterday he rolled over his right arm! We're rolling from back to front..he chose to do it the hard way first! This is what we now see as soon as we lay him down. 
He won't stay on his back now. And he doesn't want to be on his tummy, so he lets us know as soon as he's flipped by screaming at the top of his lungs! I'm thankful he's not rolling over in his sleep yet. I'm afraid we would have to get up like 10 times a night just to flip him over! We're still sleeping through the night. Most nights he's in bed from 9:00-8:30. It's WONDERFUL! Although, I am well aware that not all babies do this and that he won't do this forever. Anna...your day will come! Ian will sleep 6 or 7 hours at  a time before you know it! Hang in there.

We had some 4th of July fun. We took Lincoln to Valdese to see his first fireworks show! He only jumped at the first two big booms then spent the rest of the time in awe of the show! He was relaxed and just talked to the sky while we watched. We met up with Kelly and all the kids, and Anthony's aunt, uncle, and cousins. 

Elise LOVES Baby Lincoln and had to get in the picture! 

We also had a cookout at Anthony's mom's house. Collin and Melissa and Faith and Corbin always come. They're like family, anyway! We played cornhole and ate some yummies.

I can't tell you how many pictures we have like this through the years! :)

Lincoln and I also went to visit Anna and Ian. We spent the day putting some of Ian's toys together so Lincoln could play with them and chatting about babies. Ian eats ALL the time...so that's how Anna spends her day! Man, I remember those days! Lincoln is going about 4 hours between feedings during the day. Sometimes he'll go longer, it just depends on what he's doing. 

Our boys in their Chicco car seats! We may have to switch soon. Anna's goes up to 30 pounds and I'm certain Lincoln will get there before Ian does!!!!

We're always busy it seems. Anthony just started tearing the deck off. We're going to rebuild it bigger! Then we're going to replace the table we lost 3 years ago to a wind storm. I can't wait to have it covered over so we can sit outside no matter what the weather! 

Here we go again!

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LOVE the new pics! And I really like the idea of a tree that will grow with Lincoln over the years!