Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun Stuff

Baby Ian is here!!! He was born Sunday, June 20th....Father's Day. What a great gift for Jeromy! This is my first snuggle. He weighed a whopping 6 pounds, 15 ounces! He's so tiny beside my giant boy!
Erin has a new man in her life!!!
New mommy Anna...with my chunker!!
Erin's two favorite boys!!! They love you, too Erin!
What a sweet family photo!!
Who doesn't love a yawning baby?!
Can we say 11 weeks makes a BIG difference?!
Our boys...with their boys...on Father's Day.
Sorry it's sideways!! Erin bought both boys their first guitars!! How fun.
Lincoln got his first piece of mail. His Social Security Card!! He's official! (Even though I haven't yet ventured to the court house to pick up his birth certificate!!)
My precious fellas on the way to church! Man they're awfully cute!
We've been spending lots of time in the neighbor's pool lately. Lincoln absolutely loves it! And so do we! It wears him out and he usually takes a nice long nap and goes right to sleep that night! He just kicks away.
Amy and Aydan came to visit just the other day. Aydan had been practicing at home how to play with babies so he could play with Lincoln when he came over. Sweet! We took our boys outside to play in a little splashy pool. Aydan was so cute with Lincoln.  


Anna and Jeromy said...

Look at Ayden - he's so grown up (don't tell Amy I said that!) I just noticed that Ian has Anthony's haircut, he's fashionable already!

Tori said...

I love that baby of yours! Good grief...