Friday, June 10, 2011

School's Out for Summer!!

TODAY IS THE BEST DAY IN A LOOOONG TIME!!! Today was the last day of school!!!!! No more more lesson more meetings.....and HOME with my Lincoln!!!!!!

Ok, I know that was pretty powerful and included a LOT of exclamation points but you have to understand how wonderful today is. All the paperwork, lesson plans, meetings, political drama are over!!! At least for the summer. I can't wait to spend all my time with my Lincoln. We've got a trip planned for Yellowstone with Erin for July and we're planning to take a trip to Virginia Beach for Anthony's birthday in August. That's all the concrete plans we have for now, there's no telling what else will pop up. We've been talking about trying out a zip line pretty soon and I think Anthony's itching to get the kayaks out into the lake pretty soon, too. I know it has also been mentioned that Lincoln would be crazy about the zoo this summer since he's crazy about animal books and sounds. 

I'll write more often now, since I will actually have time to upload the pictures and share our excursions. Sorry it's been a while...just haven't felt up to doing anything extra with the stress of the end of the school year. 

Here's a quick picture of our Mother's Day this May. 

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