Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dialysis...Round 2

Anthony went for dialysis again today. This time he's at an outpatient facility. I've been at work the last two days since there's really no reason for me to stay home. He's just been here hanging out and resting. Today his dad drove him to Morganton for his treatment, then picked him up when it was over. The good news is that we expected it to last for 4 hours, but they only kept him for 2! The nurses said they always start at 2 hours and bump it up by half an hour each time until they reach 4 hours. That's quite a relief. He packed a bag of things to do: books, his Kindle, my iPod, snacks. Not sure how much of any of that actually got used but I'm pretty sure he said he read and played games on my iPod. They also drew blood again for testing today and we should have the results by Thursday. This will tell us what his levels were between the Saturday dialysis and today. Hopefully they're perfect!
So for now his dialysis schedule is Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 11:30am. But today he got his schedule changed to the 7am time, and he has to be there at 6:30!! But then it's not the middle of the day, and depending on how he feels he could go into work after lunch. Even after 4 hours of dialysis he'd be done by 11-ish and have time to eat and get to work at 1. Just all depends on how he's feeling and what he thinks he can do. 
Tomorrow is Wednesday, January 25 and he's planning on going to work in the morning. He's going stir crazy in the house and I'm sure he'd feel a little more normal if he could get back in a routine. He's only going to work for half a day and they're only giving him 4 patients. He'll just have to remember to pack his medicines and to take his time. Not over do it. We'll see how it goes.
Over all he's doing well. He's tired, which is to be expected. Not only is it physically tiring with the dialysis but it's also emotionally draining to know you're sick and not really be able to do anything about it. He says the worst part right now is that the place near his shoulder where they put in the catheter is really sore and hurts a lot. He's been taking Tylenol for it but that doesn't seem to be helping very much. So he decided yesterday to try some ibuprofen as well and that helped. However, today at dialysis the nurses told him he can't have ibuprofen because if his kidneys can't filter it out he could overdose! So, Tylenol it is. He's resting a lot but still managing to help out when and where he can. He's playing with Lincoln, changing diapers, being the sweet husband he always is. He just has to move a little slower and sit down more often.
Thank you so much for your messages and comments. They are very dear to my heart. Know that each one of you reading this is special to us and we are so glad you care enough about us to keep up with what's going on.  I will try very hard to be diligent with this blog so you all will know where we are in the process and how we all are doing. Please don't stop praying.


JenRice said...

Lifting you up often everyday. Looooveee Yooouuu!

Andrew and Anna said...

We are praying and we will continue to pray <3

wendy :) said...

Many prayers !! Love you guys, you feel like part of my family. So blessed to know such a great family!!

erin4209 said...

Prayed for you tonight with all my college kids!

Sunshine said...

Sorry to hear this news. Praying for Anthony & family a continued healing. "The Lord nurses them when they are sick and eases their pain and discomfort." Psalm 41:3 Kyla, let me know if you need me!