Friday, January 6, 2012

Just really quick...

While I'm thinking about it I want to write down a few of the wonderful things that Lincoln is doing! I'm so afraid I'll forget it all. With the pregnancy brain and the Mommy brain going I surely can remember nothing!

When we went to the doctor about 3 weeks ago Lincoln weighed in at 27 pounds. He's being weighed on the big boy scale now, he doesn't have to sit on the baby scale anymore. He's a pretty good eater, when he wants to be. I'd have to say that right now his favorite food is spaghetti. That boy can sure put it away! We ate at Olive Garden the other night and I think he had at least half a breadstick, half a bowl of my salad, and 1/4th of Anthony's bowl of spaghetti with meat sauce. He just kept asking for more. And yes, you read that right... Lincoln likes salad. But only Mommy's salad with dressing. He doesn't like it dry like daddy! He's still a big fan of macaroni but he loves his "eatmeal!" We'll pass by McDonald's and that's what we hear! Hillarious! He sometimes asks for nuggets, and he's really enjoying yogurt covered raisins right now. He still eats plenty of fruit: grapes, fruit cups, apple slices. He still loves yogurt and the squeezy pouches of food. If he sees those in the store it's almost an automatic. He wants it, and he wants it now!

Lincoln is so very polite. He says thank you every single time you give him something or do something to help him. He also asks for things very nicely by saying please. I LOVE this. So many children, much less 21 month olds, are rude and fussy and whiney. Not Lincoln. It's please, thank you, and a sweet smile!

Speaking of things he says...he's talking alllll the time! He's actually saying three word sentences now!
It seemed like really quickly we went from just naming things to everything having a descriptive adjective. So now instead of just truck it's 'big truck' or 'red truck' or 'Daddy's truck.' Not just choo choo, but 'choo choo train'  or 'big train' or 'baby's train.' You get big everything...and baby lots of stuff. Baby's fourwheeler (a battery operated ride on toy from Nana and Papaw for Christmas), baby's room, baby's train (a gift from Mom and Dad for Christmas). But quite suddenly, like right before he went to Disney World, HUGE post on that to follow, he started belting out 3 words at a time!
I need help!
Don't want that.
I need down.
I get up.
I got it.
I need more.
I need help is probably his favorite saying. He's gone from Mr. Independent to "I need help!" everything. He's realized when he asks for help, he doesn't have to figure things out on his own, we'll come to help him. So we've stopped "helping" so much to make him work it out for himself. But we hear that phrase a lot.

He's really started talking about people when they're not around. While we were in Disney and on the airplane he would see people that reminded him of his friends. Several times we heard EE, for Erin, or Anna. We also heard Nana and Papaw a few times. While we're at home, or even when we're out and about he'll just suddenly say "Nana's house." I'm guessing that means he wants to go see Nana! He'll talk about Papaw's truck, or Nana's car, or Grammy's car. He's realizing those people love him and spend time with him and he wants to see them too. It's very sweet! Just don't mention Nana's house until you're ready to walk OUT the door, or that's all you'll hear until you do! :)

This language is just amazing to us. He's not even two and we understand about 95% of everything he says. And so do other people. It's not just us being around him all the time. Many other people have visited with Anthony's grandmother's passing, or just people that Toni & Carroll see out and about regularly and they understand him, too. I think it's awesome. I feel like he's quite advanced in his language, especially for a boy. You always hear that girls talk faster and are more understandable than boys. Certainly not the case with us...he's been jabbering away about things we could understand for months and months. I'm completely convinced that our baby sign language had a huge role in this. It helped us form meaningful communication so early that he just learned how to talk to us. We never let him fuss and cry over what he wanted, he always had to say it or sign it to let us know what he needed. He still has some words that come out wrong so he uses the sign at the same time. 'More' is almost always signed and spoken, and so is 'outside'.

He knows almost every animal sound there is, now we're working on animal names. It's ok to see a cow and moo, but he needs to know that it's called a cow! I'm not sure if he has any idea what's going to happen come March. He obviously knows something's going on because that bedroom has now been cleaned out and painted. He loves to run around in there. It's is new favorite place to take his toys and play.  I wonder what it'll be like when all of Sissy's furniture gets here and it's not so open and fun anymore!? If he sees some cute shoes or a little dress we've bought he'll point and say Sissy. And if you ask him where Sissy is he'll point to my stomach. But I'm fairly certain that he has NO idea what any of that means. He loves babies and just wants to love on them and kiss them. Baby Zoey is always loved and hugged and kissed and petted when he's with her. He says "hug" and "hold me" when he sees her! I'm hoping that will continue when baby sis gets here. I'm afraid there will be some jealousy....

Love my crazy little man. He's so amazing. God is so good and we are truly blessed!

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