Monday, March 26, 2012

40 weeks...and 4 days

Here I sit. On the couch. On March 26. FOUR days past my due date. With no signs of having a baby. Any time soon.

Don't get me wrong...all is well. I feel fine, healthy, and in the mornings I have lots of energy and get good stuff done. Today was my first day home with Lincoln. I stopped working on Friday. I figured that since I'd made it to my due date that I deserved to spend a little time at home with my sweet Lincoln...while he's still an only child. It might also give me some time to do a few more things around the house. Like this morning by 8:30 I had already cleaned and scrubbed the entire kitchen counter and sink! I mean, like Mom would clean it. I actually took everything off of it and scrubbed underneath, cleaned the stuff, and put it all back! Seriously, before 8:30am. I accomplished this while Lincoln was home and happy watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and playing with the train we got him for Christmas. 

Today is exactly one week from Lincoln's birthday. I had really hoped Sweet Girl would be here before now. I thought we might have a little bit more space between birthdays. We certainly didn't plan to have another March baby...when you have trouble getting pregnant you just take what you get, when you get it! (Remember Lincoln's due date was March 28, but waited till April 2, 5 days late!) So here we are. 

 Kaleb and I are exactly two years and one week apart. And forever we had "together" birthdays. He would have his stupid camo cake and decorations with all his snotty friends over...and I would have my Rainbow Bright cake and colorful decorations and my cute friends...all at the same time. Disaster! I would have to include little brothers and sisters of his guests, even if I didn't invite them! So you see....I was really hoping we wouldn't have to deal with that. But it seems that this is our plight. 

I did go to the doctor on Thursday, my due date. I was still only 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. No change now for 4 weeks. She recommended a scheduled induction a week past my due date, so this Thursday. However, if I choose not to be  induced and let nature take its course they will let me go up to two weeks past my due date. I'll just have to go into the office for more testing. So I officially have appointments for Thursday, March 29. I'll have a non-stress test to check on the baby, an ultrasound to check fluid levels and that my placenta is still functioning properly. I'll also have an appointment with Dr. Montes to talk about what's next. I pray every night that "today" will be the day. Nothing yet. 

I know she'll come when she's ready. And I feel strongly that we shouldn't interfere. I do not want to be induced unless it's medically necessary. And right now I'm fine, she's fine and we're all healthy. There's no reason to mess with anything, other than the fact that I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore. My shirts don't come down far enough, and my pants don't come up far enough. I'm glad I'm not at work anymore.. I was wearing the same old stuff every week...just in a different rotation because that's all that fit and was decent enough to wear to work. 

I'm beginning to get in a funk. I feel like I've been pregnant for a thousand years. I'd like to be able to sit and stand without so much difficulty. I'm really ready for shirts that cover all of me. I'm thankful it's been so warm for so long so I could wear my flip flops and sandals. Anthony says I've been a little extra spicy lately. I don't mean to be...I'm just disappointed that she's not here yet. So everything is just not right. 

Otherwise, Lincoln is fabulous. Anthony is great, and Lile is feeling good with her spring hair cut. I'm slowing down and don't want to cook dinner, so we're eating out alot. Fabulous, I know... 

All I can say....Baby Girl has to come in March. I need Anna to be able to come...and I'm only guaranteed to get Anna for the month of March! If Lincoln was 5 days late...tomorrow could be the day! Like brother like sister?! Just pray for us that it goes quickly and easily. I don't think it would hurt if you threw in there that any time soon would be great!

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Ren, Anna & Tristan said...

Aw, Kyla....I HATE the end. It's miserable. Hang in there. She will come soon!!!