Thursday, November 14, 2013


2:20 pm

We were called from the waiting room to go see him in ICU. We walked like half a mile (this hospital is huge!!) and finally came to North Tower 4B ICU. Thankfully he's a little more separated and private than your typical ICU patient. They try to isolate transplant patients since they're immunocompromised. 

3:40 pm
For now were just hanging out reminding him to breathe. He wants to go to sleep but needs to take deep breaths. His monitor keeps beeping because he's not breathing enough. The nurse got his pain pump set up and he just pushed it for the first time. 

He wants water. That's all he can say. He wants water! He was intubated for hours. His nurse said its like the Sahara in there when it comes out. He's already trying to make deals with them to give him water. They keep saying no. :) he asked if he got up and danced a jig if they would let him have a sip!

The nurses looked at me and said "You must be Kyla. That's all he's said since the moment he woke up." *tears*

He wanted to feel my cheek against his cheek. "That feels better," he whispered. 

Now we just wait for him to rest, sleep, and recover from all the anesthesia. 

Keep up the prayers as we still need healing. 

Love to all. I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I've been much more relaxed today than yesterday. I've still been crazy emotional today but really all for good reasons. 

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Rebecca Bridle said...

*tears here too* reading your blog about him asking about Kyla. How precious! You two are so sweet together.