Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ups & Downs

We had a rough start to the day. Anthony didn't rest well and had developed a fever. His blood pressure also went up. He was hurting a lot more and using his pain pump more often. I got here around 8 but the doctors hadn't been around yet. He hit his emotional rock bottom. He was tired. He was hungry. He was hurting and couldn't get comfortable. He was freaking out that his kidney was being rejected. Everything that could go wrong had already gone wrong in his head. He just knew he was in trouble. He didn't even want to see the kids. If you know anything about Anthony you know that is not his personality. He is NOT at "Debbie downer." He's always looking for the good in things and helping to lift you up. So today it was my turn. After I called my mom, and had a good cry, we both buckled down. Thankfully, Dr. Rogers came around quite soon after the emotional drop out. He was just what we both needed. Kidneys don't reject this's ok to feel bad...days 2 and 3 will feel better with different pain meds. All these things were music to our ears. 
So the nurse took away his pain pump and he was put on an oral pain medicine, Norco. He also finished up his last bag of IV fluids and got to be set free. Now the only thing he's tethered to is his Foley catheter. Hopefully that comes out first thing tomorrow morning. He hates the hospital bed and refuses to get back in it. He actually had a heat rash from being in it last night. It makes him too hot. Interesting. He's quite happy in the nice cushy recliner. He's already declared that's where he's sleeping tonight. As the day progressed he steadily improved. The good thing about rock bottom is that there's no way to go but up. Thank goodness he's a quick rebounder. He got some color back, stopped feeling sorry for himself and, with a little help from his supportive but ever so tough-loving wife, he crawled back into himself. The rest of the day has gone well. 
He was put on solid food this morning but felt so poorly that he din't want to eat anyway. Tonight he had chicken fingers and fries with green beans and ice cream. I helped clean him up again and help him feel like a real person. We washed his hair and he got to shave. He still has his IV line in and his central line so he can't shower for real. I got to see his incisions today and his stitches and staples. It's amazing! It looks so good! I honestly thought it would be gross or goopy or yucky. But it's NONE of those things and looks beautiful, clean, smooth, and is a nice crescent moon shape. Not sure how long before he can get the stitches and staples wet so he can take a real shower to clean off the rest of the orange that is around his middle section. Betadine from the surgery I suppose. 
We've spent the evening together just watching movies on Prime and hanging out. We had several visitors today but all came this morning. His parents stopped by early around 10 then Pastor David came by. Our friend, Tori came and took me for a drive and to get some lunch outside of the hospital. It was nice to get out for a while. Thanks, Tori.
Now he's begging to go home. He said he'll get better faster when he's home. He wants to be left alone and to sleep in his own bed. He's also ready...we're also ready, to see the babies. We haven't seen them since Wednesday morning. Well, we saw Lincoln on Wednesday morning but Aspen was still sleeping so we haven't seen her since Tuesday. If we don't get to go home tomorrow Mom will bring them to visit. I'm missing them terribly and can't wait to squeeze them. I think that was my hardest thing last night, missing the babes. Soon. Very soon.
Amy went home today. She came to see us before she left and she looked really good. She was standing nice and tall, not hunched over and shuffling like yesterday. She has been nothing short of amazing. She's been so humble and gracious...I boo-hooed this morning when she hugged me. I told her I'd write her a letter filled with all the thoughts I have in my head. She gave Anthony a hug and a kiss and said she'd be in touch. She has already invited us over for dinner once he's back to normal. I sure hope we stay in touch. She's planning on returning to work on Wednesday and Thursday. We wish her the best of luck!
So tonight we just wait. He's continuing to gain strength, he's eating more, his color looks much better and all his vitals have returned to normal. His creatanine levels have dropped to 1.8!! When he was admitted on Wednesday it was 8! What an amazing kidney!! 

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:) that's all I have for tonight. It was really good to see you both today.