Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 4, 2014 feels like ages have passed!!

We were pretty low-key for the 4th of July this year. We headed to Morganton to see the festival, but it really turned out to be a bust. Several food vendors selling fried everything, and some guys selling junk for $6. Seriously. We played on the play set for a few minutes and high-tailed it outta there!! 
We bought some fireworks last week in Gaffney and shot those off here once it was dark enough to see them. The kids held sparklers...and we managed to escape that undamaged. Barely. It was nerve wracking this year because Aspen was just big enough to do it on her own but small enough to not really listen to how to do it properly. Nerve wracking. Surprised we didn't end up with 2nd degree burns on Lincoln the way she was shaking her sparklers at him!!

When I get my other pictures off my camera I'll add more. 

Anthony also decided it would be fun to have their first father-son camp out in the backyard. An interesting choice of nights since last year the neighbors shot fireworks until the wee hours of the morn! However, they made it all the way through the night. Anthony texted me at 10-40 to say Lincoln had finally fallen asleep. He was so proud of himself he had to rush in and tell me he slept all night in the tent. At 7:30am. Up with the sun they were. 

Aspens not quite ready to stay all night in the tent so we snuggled in our own beds. Nice and comfy. 

Our annual family patriotic photo. 

Love this bunch!! 

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