Sunday, November 2, 2008

Way Cool!!

So our weekend in West Virginia was really awesome. The only bad part is that it was realllly cold! We took Anthony's parent's camper so we didn't freeze to death and it's a good thing! When we woke up on Sunday morning the ground was covered in frost!! Not only that, but Saturday had been forcasted for beautiful and sunny...and it was for about 10 minutes! The clouds covered the sun an the wind really kicked and on that bridge it was freezing! We still had a great time. Imagine a fair...lots of vendors and food and hot dogs and funnel cakes....stretched out over a mile across the bridge. It wasn't a busy as we expected, so that was a pleasant surprise. We ate hotdogs and s'mores and tons of junk! But that's what camping is all about.

They look like pretty, pretty butterflies! This was the most we saw jump together...there are 5 of them. The jumpers seriously just walked off the end of the platform...and there they went! I'm sure I could not do it. Anthony was dying to go...but you have to have a license and have a certain amount of jumps before you can go.
Gary, Anna, Erin, Anthony & Kyla


Anna F said...

Man I am glad that you are bent down a little in the picture of all of makes me look a little less short than usual!

Ren & Anna said...

Those people are crazy!!