Monday, May 3, 2010

Interesting weekend...

Holy cow what a weekend!!!

Friday morning I was getting ready for the day and Lincoln was just hanging out on his Boppy on my bed. In fact, I was getting ready to give him a bath but he fell asleep. I was waiting for him to wake up when all of a sudden.....blech......oodles of vomit out of the mouth and nose. ALL OVER my baby, my bed, the Boppy, you name it and it was covered. That's not the worst part. The first part of the vomit came out normal and white. The second half of it was brown/red and bloody. It was VERY scary. I didn't know what to do. That's not something any mommy wants to see come out of her baby's tummy! Of course, the weekend I need Dr. Todd he's out of town. I called the doctor's office and they said just come on in to the office. I told Anthony and my friend, Michelle. I was crying on the phone with her and she offered to go with me to the doctor's office. It felt good to have a friend by my side, so she tagged along. 

The doctor said he looked fine. He pushed on his belly for pain and there was none. He listened to his heart and lungs, but nothing. He said sometimes babies hold too much vomit in their tummies and it can tear their esophagus before it comes up. It's a really tender spot and a tiny tear could bleed a lot. Dr. Byrd said as long as Lincoln doesn't get a fever or change his behaviors or sleeping/waking patterns that he's probably fine. Just to keep him posted. Phew, what a relief! He's been fine ever since. I hope that's all it was. It was a TERRIBLE feeling...that helpless feeling where you have no idea what to do or what's wrong. I'm sure this won't be the last time I feel that way...but I don't want to feel that way again soon.

The only good thing that came of this is that we got to weigh Lincoln again! Last week (last Friday) he weighed 9 lbs. 11 ounces. But this past Friday...April 30...he weighed 10 lbs. 10 ounces!!! What a chunker!! I love a fat baby. If he doesn't slow down he's gonna outgrow his car seat in just a few more months! We may have to trade Jeromy & Anna and Baby Ian for their 30 pound car seat instead of our 22 pound seat.
As if that wasn't enough Anthony started feeling bad on Saturday morning...laid on the couch and moaned and groaned. That quickly turned into very violent vomiting. It was AWFUL! He just kept throwing up...he even took some Finnagrin and he kept throwing up. As soon as he would try to drink water or Gatorade it would come right back up. He had eaten nothing for hours..and couldn't keep any liquids down. I felt terrible for him, but I was afraid to get too close. I don't want the germs to make me or Lincoln sick! So I had to hang onto the baby all day and he was a little fussy. I was exhausted!! 

Sunday I knew I couldn't be by myself all day again with Lincoln and Anthony so I called for backup! Erin came and spent the day with us. She held the baby when he fussed and changed diapers while Anthony rested and napped on the couch. What a wonderful thing!! 

So to sum it up....we are tired! So tired in fact that I slept through the first feeding while Anthony was in charge Sunday night...and he slept through the second feeding when it was my turn. I hope we don't have that kind of weekend again any time soon. Someone will have to come stay with us if we do!


Anna and Jeromy said...

Oh that must have been why you called...that would have definately given me a start as well. Too bad I've been living at Baptist recently. I'll give you a call tomorrow, maybe I'll be more with it!

Ren, Anna & Tristan said...

Yuck!! No fun! I love all the pics. He is so adorable!! Glad he is such a good sleeper!