Thursday, May 20, 2010


Last week I went to the doctor for my postpartum checkup. I got to see Val, the midwife who delivered Lincoln. All the girls at the office oohed and aahed over the baby, of course! My favorite nurse, Katie, is also pregnant with a boy and is due around the same time Anna is! It's so cute to see so many women fawning over your baby. I mean, I know he's cute...but it's fun to have other people share that feeling! All was well at the checkup, except my iron levels were low again. They want it to be 12 or over and I was at 10.5. I was low at the end of my pregnancy, too. No big deal, I'll just eat more raisins! The big news from that appointment is that I've lost all but 4 pounds of my baby weight!! I wouldn't step on the scale until they told me where I started and ended my pregnancy. It's nice to know it's almost all gone in only 6 weeks! Hopefully there will be more pounds that melt away since I'm exclusively breastfeeding. If I start walking regularly I'm sure I'll see some fall off!

Lincoln is wonderful. He'll be 7 weeks old tomorrow! My how time flies! He's giggling and smiling more. He's looking at us and I know he recognizes me. He's eating about every 2 1/2-3 hours during the day but makes it longer at night. Speaking of sleeping....We had our first ALL-NIGHTER last night! We gave him a bottle of about 5 ounces and then laid him down around 10. He slept until 6am!! What a wonderful feeling! I knew he had it in him, I'm just glad he's found it already. Now I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch and I know he won't always sleep through the night, but we're hoping it'll happen again..and again...and again!! 

As nice as the all night sleep was, it was tainted by yesterday's accident. Anthony was riding his bicycle along his regular route yesterday around 6:30 and he was hit by a car. It's never good when your hubby is supposed to be riding his bike, but instead he's calling you. NOT a nice phone call. I rushed over to where he was, along with the ambulance, first responders, and state troopers! Ooh man my heart was pounding.

He was hit by an old lady driving a minivan. She simply said she didn't see him. She didn't even hit the brakes. He was thrown into the air 43 feet past where she hit him. He landed in the yard of an old family friend and he was in his house and came out because he heard the impact and dialed 911. He's very scratched and bruised.
 Obviously, his bike is trashed. His dad is taking it to the shop today to have the frame checked out. He wasn't worried about himself, he just wanted to make sure her insurance would pay to replace his bike.

His elbow has a NASTY big hole in it where the skin has been totally removed. The EMT wrapped him up but he showed it to me later and it seriously made me want to be sick! Not very pleasant.
We finally made it home after talking to the troopers and collecting all of the information we needed. There's no telling how long he'll be sore or how much he'll sleep tonight. Last night he didn't sleep at all. He was in too much pain. Dr. Todd called in something for pain today, so hopefully it will help.
His shorts were trashed...he's got boo boos on his bottom. He flipped up in the air, flew 43 feet across a driveway and skidded to a landing in the grass. Never have I tossed the baby in the carseat so fast!
We're just thankful he's not hurt more than he is. He went in to work today thinking that if he laid around all day today he'd just feel worse. Plus, at the clinic they can use ultrasound to help break up the nasty eggplant colored bruises on the back of his left knee. He's also planning on having one of their ortho docs look at his knee, he thinks it might be sprained. 
God is good....we can buy a new bike, but Lincoln only has one daddy! 

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I like the second pic of Lincoln, how sweet.