Thursday, June 17, 2010


We decided it was time to initiate Lincoln to the kayaks. We love to go and we wanted him to be able to go with us. It took a few minutes to figure out what we needed to pack and how we were going to keep him in the boat. A friend gave us this wrap and we thought it might help keep him sitting up straight, so he wouldn't be so floppy. Anthony decided he wanted to wear him since he's a more experienced kayaker. 
This is us testing the plan at home to see how it would ultimately work.
He seemed like he was going to tolerate it and didn't mind too much. 
We had on sunscreen, swim trunks, a swim shirt....then we had his super cool shades and his hat to keep the sun off his face. He was asleep for the first 30 minutes then just hung out while we paddled around. It was a lot of fun. We even got sprinkled on while we were there and that helped cool us off. It was a beautiful day, but we shuffled in before the afternoon thundershowers popped up.
Our cute little paddling family!

Erin went with us and was a HUGE help juggling boats and paddles and babies!! She's also in the market for a boat herself, so she took a turn in all three boats to see what they were like. I think she fell in love with Anthony's because it's the longest, so the easiest to maneuver. (It's also the most expensive!!)

Just a few of the pictures from the last two weeks...
I LOVE these elephant overalls. This was the second time we've worn them and it's going to be the last! The little blue shirt constantly rides up (no onesies with overalls) and the straps are tight. It was cute while it lasted!
What a little stinker!!!! Don't you love that smirk?!

We put up the Johnny Jumper the other day and he absolutely LOVES it!! He'll sit and twist and turn and bounce for almost an hour. It's so funny. He turns and looks over the deck for a while, then turns and looks at his exersaucer which is right beside him, then he'll look in the living room. He sometimes even watches TV from it. It's the funniest thing! There's NO fussing in the jumper! He'll sit in his exersaucer, too. It doesn't lower farther so his feet touch the bottom so he doesn't like to stay as long. I put a pillow under his feet so he can push but it's not the same. It sure is cute to see him growing up a little bit more each day!

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