Sunday, March 7, 2010

37 week Lamenting

Oh how I miss you...

I miss breathing freely.
I miss sitting in a chair comfortably.
I miss resting my elbows on the table during a meeting.
I miss my lap.
I miss buttons and zippers.
I miss my favorite blue jeans.
I miss the shirts that won't stretch across the belly.
I miss sleeping without snoring.
I miss being able to roll over with ease.
I miss being able to bend over.
I miss getting up without having to hold onto something.
I miss standing up without grunting.
I miss walking without being out of breath.
I miss being able to remember things.
I miss crossing my legs.
I miss wearing my wedding rings.

Most of all.....
I miss wearing belts.
My go-to accessory. I love them. Can't have enough of them. Need them.

I'm looking forward to some of these things again soon...37 weeks is officially full term, so he could come any day and it would be fine. However, I need to work until March 15 for it to count as a full year of teaching and to count towards tenure. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

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Anna and Jeromy said...

I can't believe he will be here so soon! Oh by the way, I decided that March 28th would be a better date instead of the 27th so could you let him know?!?!?! If he doesn't want to wait that long I'm also free the 20-21st ;)
Can't wait to meet him (and for you to see your lap again).