Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just some of our recent misadventures here at the Vance house.

We decided it was time to get the car seat and stroller out of the box. Yes...I got my stroller! So it comes all folded up and in have to assemble it. Go figure! This is Anthony's look of pure concentration!

Oh what fun....the mess in my living room! Thankfully it was all put together and cleaned up before long. Anthony thought Lile should try it.

I'd have to say she wasn't crazy about it!! I don't think she's one of those dogs you can push around in a stroller....or the kind you carry around in a bag for that matter! She's awfully cute though!!

I also tried her in the crib. I thought she'd really be upset about it! She just walked around calmly and sniffed EVERYTHING! I even tried to get her out and she backed away from me. I guess she didn't mind it. She still sleeps in a crate, so maybe it was familiar!
You can see parts of the nursery from here...the wave on the wall and the stickers, too. There are super cute fishies, seahorses, a whale, a dolphin, seaweed, and clams and such. They're absolutely adorable. I'll take a bigger, better picture of it when we clean up some more of the shower gifts and clean it up a little bit.

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Ren, Anna & Tristan said...

Your room is so cute!! I love it!!!! And YES....your list is so perfect. I would get so ticked anytime I would drop something, because bending down was such a chore. Ah, the joys!!! Just wait til you see that little man. It's the best feeling in the world. Your Valentine's day pic is gorgeous! We miss you guys!!