Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What gives?!

We had another doctor's visit today. Here are some details:
Val Taylor, CNM (midwife)
40 Weeks + 2 days
2 pounds gained this week
Blood Pressure: 110/60
Baby's heartbeat: 150's
Dilation: 1-1 1/2 cm 50% effaced

Yes, that's right....there's absolutely NO change in dilation or effacement this week. None. Nada. Zero. Val said he's just not ready. She asked me again if I wanted her to strip my membranes but I said no. I want him to stay in there until he's ready. Let's not mess with God and nature. He knows what He's doing.
So here we wait. Again. Just when we start thinking he's getting closer to joining our family it feels like we take a step backwards. How disappointing to know it's not moving along. The doctors will let me go until 42 weeks but after that it becomes dangerous for both of us. He could be gigantic...but the placenta could be breaking down and not providing him with the nutrition he needs. So next week we're scheduled for two visits, one on Monday and one on Thursday. This time, not only will it be an exam but both will also include a Non-Stress Test. That's where they stick me in a quiet, dark room and put me on a fetal monitor for about half an hour. They're looking for his heartrate and movements, making sure he's still doing OK in there. I told them I hoped I didn't make it to those appointments!!
Not to mention that Anna is on vacation this week!!! I really want her to be there! And Erin's in town this week too, it would be the BEST week to have a baby. But alas, I think it's not to be. Since I'm anti induction we'll just wait it out.
And....I promise to let friends and family know he's here before it's posted on Facebook!

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Anna and Jeromy said...

Just you wait, I'm gonna have my ipod ready to post on facebook mobile the second he comes out.... ;)